Domestic & Child Safety

Safety for Children

1. Prepare an evacuation plan and practice it with your children.

2. Supervise young children closely. Do not leave them aone even for short periods of time.

3. Keep matches and lighters in secured drawers or cabinets.

4. Teach you child proper stove protocol. Do not let them use the stove or oven unsupervised.

5. Show your children how to crawl low on the floor in order to stay below the smoke.

6. Teach you children to drop and roll on the ground in case their clothes ever catch fire.

7. Teach your children the nature of fire. It is hot, fast and extremely dangerous.

8. Inspect your house for evidence of children playing with matches or lighters.

9. Teach your children to inform you when they find matches or lighters.

10. Teach your children where the emergency numbers are kept and how to use them in the event of a fire.

11. Having a smoke detector greatly improves your chances of surviving a fire and remember to practice a home escape plan with you family.

Dometic Safety

1. Fires are frequently caused by improper installation of electrical devices by untrained electricians

2. It is essential to remember that water and electricity do not mix. This is extremely dangerous and must be avoided at all times

3. When you use electrical devices safely, you can prevent electrical problems

4. Always use the proper size fuse. Never place a coin behind a fuse when you do not have a spare fuse

5. Clothing or towels should never be placed on a lampshade. This is a fire hazard

6. Ensure that proper wattage is used on all light fixtures. Most light fixtures are labeled to indicate the brightest bulb that can be safely used

7. Use only extension cords that are rated for the power used by the device they are powering

8. Ensure that only authorized and licensed electricians conduct electrical installations

9. All electrical appliances used outdoors should be designed for that purpose

10. Outdoor receptacles should be the ground fault circuit interrupting type (GFCI)

Emergency & Hotlines

+234 (0) 700 123 9999, [email protected]